Ashley Stroud


I previously worked in the Export industry and prior to that I worked as a receptionist for various companies for nearly 10 years. I enjoy making people feel important, whether they be a staff member or a client, I love to make people smile! I completed a BTEC Diploma in Dance at college and had no idea what I wanted to do so I found my niche in customer service based roles. Having worked for a major airline, public sector and small businesses, I decided I felt change was necessary in my career and chose to enter into the world of contract catering. I am a keen learner and excited to be on board at Accent, I am feeling super excited for what the future may bring.

HR Assistant
Little known talents: 

A master at basketball... on the Nintendo Wii that is! In my school years I was chosen to run every year for my school in the District Sports, I played netball for around 7 years and competed in many tournaments, receiving some medals for winning a few of them.

Things that make me smile: 


Food: I love anything Italian or Mexican... But you just can't beat a roast dinner!


Music: I have a varied taste range and listen to pretty much everything, I have a huge love for music so it’s generally mood dependant on what I listen to. However my love does lie with UK Garage and Dance music.


Experience: Spending time with my family and close friends is my most favourite thing in the world. Every Christmas the entire family gets together and it is just the best feeling, even after far too many shots and loosing terribly at beer pong.