Kathryn Dockerty


Kathryn started her working life on a deli counter in a farm shop where she developed an obsessive love for cheese, and after completing her degree in Sociology at the University of Birmingham she settled into a career within the contract catering industry. Kathryn has held various management roles with a focus on operations, marketing and finance; which gives her a well-rounded understanding of the industry. She is the newest member of the Accent Sales team and is excited about what the future will bring at Accent Catering.

Business Development Manager
is creating a vision for your future
Little known talents: 

Kathryn is a food blogger and posts regular recipes and food experiences. She spends most of her spare time in the kitchen trying out new ideas and pushing herself to develop her skills. She believes that homemade pasta is one of life’s greatest satisfactions and also stuffs a good sausage!

Things that make me smile: 

Food: I’m a self confessed foodie so love trying anything weird, wacky and delicious.
Music: Almost anything, from Rock to Dance and a bit of pop thrown in. If sounds good at a festival and can get you dancing then it’s on my playlist.
Experience: Having fun with friends of family and any sort of travelling - in particular to France, who can get enough of their cheese, pastries, wine and champagne!?