Lily Wilkinson


Lily is the newest member of the Design and Marketing team. With a BA Joint Hons degree in Marketing and Fashion, Lily has marketing experience within the eyewear and travel industries and has been lucky enough to work with some fantastic brands. She also completed a one year internship in-between her second and third years of university where she was the table tennis champion.

Marketing & Design Manager
likes to make things look fun
Little known talents: 

Lily is the “Mary Berry” of her friend group, and is always the designated pudding provider. She’s also pretty good at shaking up a cocktail (or three)!

Things that make me smile: 

Food: Anything with cheese! Or something spicy.

Music: Lily likes anything she can dance to but also has a secret love for musicals.

Experiences: Lily joins us after spending 6 weeks travelling (eating and drinking her way across) Southeast Asia. Her favourite moments of the trip were snorkelling with sea turtles in the Gili Islands and climbing a volcano in Bali to watch the sunrise.