Sarah Stevens


Having worked in HR for over twenty years, Sarah has plenty of experience in all matters HR.  Most recently Sarah worked for a police force for a number of years gaining invaluable experience across a broad range of HR disciplines. Sarah has also worked in food retail for those who remember ‘Safeway’.  Sarah went back to college in her later years to gain a post graduate degree in HR.

Human Resources Advisor
Little known talents: 

For those who work in the office with Sarah now know she has an ear for music - she loves nothing more than singing along to a tune and if there is no music to sing along to then she just sings out loud anyway. Her talent is coming up with a song for any line dropped into conversation. The good news is her colleagues all say she can sing in tune, thank goodness for that.

Things that make me smile: 

Food: Let’s just leave it there, food makes me smile!

Music: Not sure many will appreciate my taste in music, but my favourite artist is Barbra Streisand who I have been fortunate enough to see live on a number of occasions.

Experience: Lapland, my son never stopped smiling (even when frozen to the bones).