Mixing with the best

Accent  makes sourcing ingredients from local suppliers a top priority, and we work with them and food producers to reach fair prices for the best quality products, actively benchmarking prices to achieve best value all year round. We always strive to use seasonal produce, which guarantees the best price and best flavour - particularly for meat, dairy, fruit and vegetables.

Accent Catering are a fresh food company, so sourcing the best possible seasonal ingredients comes naturally to us. We are extremely proud to have held the Soil Association Award ‘Food for Life’ Catering Mark.  We have achieved this by adhering to the following policies across our business: 

  • We only use free range eggs and British farm assured meat
  • No packet mixes or jars of sauce are used in our cooking
  • No GM foods or hydrogenated vegetable fats are used in our cooking
  • Organic produce is used where possible
  • 75% of our fruit and vegetables are sourced from British farms
  • Local and regional produce is used in the majority of our contracts

We are currently working to meet additional criteria set out by the Soil Association in order to hold the Bronze and potentially the Silver award for a number of our sites.

In addition to the Food for Life accreditation, Accent have also been awarded the ‘Compassion in World Farming’ Good Egg award for our commitment to using free range eggs throughout our business.

Our approach to the supply chain is different, transparent and responsible. We make sure that you can be confident that pupils and staff are served the best possible ingredients, sourced at the best value price in the local market. This approach also ensures that your school is contributing positively to the local economy and community. Accent’s flexible purchasing policy helps small producers and suppliers to meet the demands of our business. We actively help and support small producers and farmers to find and manage a route to market through a local distribution network. 

In addition, our approach gives our managers and chef manager the flexibility to ‘shop around’, meaning that our clients receive quality produce, fair prices, variety and seasonal ingredients – the perfect combination for a successful partnership.  

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