• Academies and Secondary schools

Adopting a modern approach

Making food a pleasurable and appealing part of school life, which adds value to the experience of pupils and staff should be every school’s goal - and at Accent, it’s ours too.

When pupils reach year 7 and above, we at Accent recognise that the style of service traditionally adopted in primary schools - with meat and two veg served from metal tins - no longer appeals to them. By offering modern menus with varied and freshly prepared hot & cold meals presented in style, whilst promoting them with clear and appropriate marketing, we create a compelling and stimulating restaurant environment.

Cooking dishes from scratch using British Farm Assured meat, free range eggs and reducing the time food spends on the road, are all ways to ensure food tastes better and contains more valuable nutrients. Minimising the amount of frozen food and preparing dishes from core produce means the use of additives and unpleasant ingredients can be kept to a minimum; cutting out the need for hydrogenated fats, monosodium glutamate and GM foods. All meals are analysed to ensure they meet stringent nutritional standards, meaning pupils are being served a healthy, nutritional and balanced meal.

We pride ourselves on our all-round quality, and our approach is simple. 

We will provide:

  • A quality food offer that is seasonal, responsible, healthy and prepared fresh on site each day
  • A quality team that is well trained, experienced, motivated and proud to work for Accent and our clients
  • A quality service delivered through customer focus, working partnerships and attention to the little details

Don’t take our word for it! We are more than happy to provide you with a list of current clients so you can see that we deliver our promise year in year out.