Child and VulnerableAdult Safeguarding Policy Statement

Accent Catering Services Ltd recognise that we operate in an environment where child and vulnerable adult protection issues are increasingly high profile.

Everyone working in close proximity to children and vulnerable adults should pay due regard to safeguarding themselves by recognising and observing a simple code of practice.

Code of Practice

  • All of our clients will have an approved code of practice for dealing with matters relating to child and vulnerable adult protection. Accent Catering Services Ltd staff should be aware of its existence and everyone may have access to it through the Operations Manager.
  • This code of practice is issued not only for the protection and proper treatment of children and vulnerable adults, but also to facilitate the protection of staff.
  • Accent Catering Services Ltd are committed, if required by our client, to ensuring that an up to date DBS Disclosure is obtained (either by Accent Catering Services Ltd or client) for anyone who works for the company (see Accent Catering Services Ltd ’s DBS Policy).


  • At no time should an employee be alone in the same room as a child or vulnerable adult.
  • At no stage should an employee go to a boarding or residents corridor alone. (Except if your contract provides a Housekeeping service, in which case you would be subject to an Enhanced DBS Disclosure).
  • There should be no physical contact with any child or vulnerable adult.
  • Any contact with a child or vulnerable adult outside the normal parameters of the catering department should first be cleared with Operations Manager and Head Teacher/Home Manager.
  • Employees are encouraged at all times to be friendly and positive and to respond to reasonable requests as helpfully as possible.
  • Employees should be vigilant at all times. Asking unknown visitors whether they can assist them and reporting such visitors to the school/home reception.
  • Employees should immediately refer any poor behaviour or unacceptable attitudes to a member of the teaching/care staff and Accent Catering Services Ltd unit manager. Under no circumstances should the employee take unilateral disciplinary action, nor attempt to scold a child or vulnerable adult.
  • Employees should at no time use aggressive or obscene language towards or in the presence of children or vulnerable adults.
  • Avoid favouritism. Do not single out one pupil/resident in a group because you know their name. This could upset people who are feeling isolated or unhappy.
  • Do not accept any gifts from pupils/residents.
  • Employees are advised to consider very carefully any situation, which could give rise to any allegation whatsoever, and to avoid such situations completely.
  • Should an employee have any concerns whatsoever, he/she should report them to the Chef/Manager or to a member of teaching staff.