Covid-19 measures for your protection

Additional information

• We can confirm that we have complied fully with the Government’s ‘COVID-19 Secure’ guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19’. In addition, our company’s industry leading environmental health experts have guided our response to coronavirus.

• As our customers will know and expect, exceptional service, locally sourced fresh food, hygiene and safety have always been amongst our values, and delivering these consistently is in our nature.

• We continue to maintain 5 star EHO food hygiene ratings across 98% of our business. Food safety and our customer and team safety have always been and remain the absolute priority for us.

• To help us avoid the unnecessary handling of cash, all customers are asked to make payment by the biometric system or card wherever possible. You can help by pre-loading biometric accounts on line.

• We have completed a full review of our food safety management systems to ensure that they fully incorporate the required COVID-19 controls.

• Due to the developing nature of the situation and guidance, our procedures and operations are continuously reviewed and promptly updated when required. The information that we are sharing with you about how we operate will be subject to review and change without notice.

• We do request the support and assistance of our valued customers in this newly changed environment, so that together we manage the COVID-19 crisis and ensure that we continue to provide an outstanding services where both our customers and team can feel comfortable and safe.

Our Team & Their Training

• All team members complete a daily health declaration confirming they have no symptoms nor been exposed to any risk of exposure to the virus.
• Team members are required to stay at home if unwell and must follow official guidance on self-isolating and testing as required.
• We teach all team members to follow a clinical standard handwashing routine from day one, and always have done. We have our own 8-step handwashing procedure, which our staff are required to follow every time, recommending they do so every 20 minutes.
• Our commitment to investing in the best training continues. Since 2017, our company has its own on line training platform for certified qualifications in Food Safety and Health and Safety Management, along with statutory training for all members of our teams.
• We have developed our very own company specific COVID-19 briefing document, including cleaning, sanitisation and behavioural processes. Our teams will be experts in implementing our enhanced cleaning and sanitisation protocols.
• You can be assured that our back of house (kitchen) standards and processes are to the same standards as our customer facing ones, and we’ve taken steps to ensure that our employees observe social distancing too.
• The Unit Manager is responsible for completing a detailed Risk Assessment for their business and the implementation of our Company’s COVID-19 procedures. These are agreed with our client at site and then they are responsible for their implementation. Our managers will be pleased to assist with any questions or queries you may have.

Our team’s undertaking

We are proud that all members of our team are personally committed to the measures we are taking to protect our customers and colleagues from the risks of COVID-19.

This commitment includes:

• Employee daily declaration of their fitness to work and displaying no symptoms at the beginning of each shift
• Completion of our bespoke training in COVID-19 risk awareness and our enhanced cleaning and sanitisation measures
• A commitment to follow our own clinical 8-step handwashing procedure
• An understanding of the importance of our COVID-19 prevention measures, including social distancing.